Published: May 07, 2009 10:14 pm

A new ‘Haven’ for local musicians

By Bridget Nash Staff Writer

Enid musician Greg “Grey” Perkins has put the finishing touches on his most recent album, “Ice World,” and now he’s ready to help others put together their own albums.

Perkins’ CD, his eighth, can be purchased at Enid’s local Hastings or at It was finished in his own studio, Grey Havens Studio.

“It’s probably along the lines of the Beatles-type style, into alternative,” said Perkins, with a laugh, as he tried to categorize his music. “It’s hard when it comes to labeling your own music.”

Perkins sings and plays several instruments and enjoys recording, mixing and mastering for others as well.

“I play the guitar and sing,” said Perkins. “The guitar is my first instrument. I do the keyboard, bass guitar and mandolin also.”

But for local musicians, Perkins is willing to lay his instruments aside and let each group work its own magic.

“I’m the engineer at that point,” said Perkins.

Perkins recently finished construction on his large music studio, which is comfortable and professional and perfect for recording clarity.

Perkins is looking for rock, pop and country music groups and is offering a reduced studio rate for those who want to rehearse and record at Grey Havens.

“You would get a final master CD,” said Perkins.

Perkins is not only interested in helping groups with their recording efforts. He is also interested in helping families preserve family history.

He calls it the Grey Havens History Project and for a fee of $25, a family could record an oral history, either by telling it themselves or bringing family members into the studio and interviewing them.

“What you get from listening and hearing is you get the inflection, you get the emotion,” said Perkins. “We could get that on a digital CD and you could pass it on to all your family.”

The $25 fee waives the studio rate and covers the cost of producing the CD for up to three hours of time.

Perkins began writing his own music in 1981, while he was still in high school, and has continued to develop as an artist since then. He teaches French at Enid High School and while French was his college major, he minored in history and always has had a passion for history.

Perkins will officially begin business at Grey Havens Studio on May 23. Musical groups and those interested in the Grey Havens History Project can set up studio appointments by calling 242-4980.