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The studio has finally been completed. We have heat and air and there is water to the studio. Now the job of putting in the final pieces of sound treatment has begun and getting the equipment set up has also begun. Grey Have's Studio only took a year but it has been worth it.
The studio is about finished. We have probably 2 months until it is finished. Most of July I'll be working on the keyboard and synth parts of the new CD "Ice World". Mikey Harbour and Steve Harwood are the usual suspects that will be helping me to accomplish those parts. Please be patient as I have no release date for the new CD yet. So much time has been put off from working on the CD to finish the new studio. It will be a commercial facility so it dwarfs all my other two smaller home studio sizes from the past. Enjoy music and life, Grey.
The latest on the production of the Grey Havens Studios is that we are 4-5 months from completion however Grey is continuing on the new Grey CD entitled "Ice World" .  There will be pictures of the new facility soon.
An acoustic history unfolds - Acoustic Grey is complete.

(San Rafael, CA - July 19, 2007) Post-production is now complete on the Screaming Butterfly Productions music video project Acoustic Grey, an acoustic history of an indie artist.

On November 8th, 2006 Grey, Jason Harbour, and Mikey Harbour assembled in a dimly lit room at Db Studios in Enid, OK to record an acoustic history of Grey, an indie rock artist whose 2002 music video collection won Best Music Video at the 2003 Bare Bones Film Festival. In the next four hours, they would record 15 songs. "The songs range from me playing and singing on my own to just Jason and I playing together, to Jason, Mikey, and I playing together, "says Grey.

The songs featured in Acoustic Grey span from the early years of Faded Colours to Words & Music, Grey's 2006 release, described as a mix of "gospel backings, lush arrangements with an all American sound," by P.D. Stanley of the UK indie magazine, The Plastic Ashtray.

D. Lang (Editor, Liquid Wind, The Hebrew Project) took the 1,500 mile journey from San Francisco to Enid to document the occasion in a 72 minute film for Screaming Butterfly Productions."The idea was to create a video that would show my songs in their infant stages," says Grey.

Grey teamed up with Dave Skinner, of the group 3 Legged Monkey, to record, mix, and master the music at Db Studios. Lang, who has previously featured the musician in her projects, spent the next several months perfecting the videos, and releasing individual videos to youtube.com, the most popular of which is "Story Book Love," from Grey's 2000 release, Colours. The video project also features audio commentary by Grey, explaining the history behind the featured songs. The audio commentary was recorded at Grey Havens Studios.

"In the end we were left with 15 songs that went well and represented a 20 year period of songwriting," said Grey.

All videos are currently available on youtube.com. The project is expected to hit the festival circuit in 2008.

Listen to Grey explaining how the project itself came about:

View the videos on youtube:

Find out more about Grey:

View other projects by D. Lang:

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Hello again to all following Grey and his works. I have moved homes and am readying to build my own commercial studio. Grey Havens was my own private place but I am now wanting to venture into doing it for others as well as myself. Lately the videos have been completed by Wappy from the Nov 2006 sessions held at Dave Skinner's studio. Dave is one of the Three Legged Monkey group which is more than worth a listen but a CD purchase. You can't go wrong with TLM. The Grey session on video will soon be available to all as a DVD purchase on the main site. Currently I am laying down the rest of the bass tracks for the new CD. I will then begin the guitar tracks. Stay tuned for more info concerning the new studio, new CD and new DVD. Grey says, "No more war". Grey out.
Drum parts for the my new CD are beginning. Patrick Costello joined myself and Dave Skinner on 11 Dec 06 to record 4 of 6 songs for which he is doing the drums for and Mikey Harbour on 12 Dec 06 recorded 4 songs. There is one more song that Dave will be laying in percussion for at a later time. Also Patrick will return in Jan 07 to record 2 more songs for. As of now there are 11 songs slated for the new CD but there may be a few more added. I am really excited about the parts we've laid down so far.

Grey, 18 Dec 06
The audio of the recently recorded and filmed project "Acoustic Grey" has been mixed and mastered. Dave Skinner and myself got together to discuss and go over the mixing of the project and I finished the mastering in a two-day span. The audio will now be sent to Wappy in San Francisco to be added to the video coverage she made on 8 Nov 06. I have also recorded in my studio a commentary track to go with each song. It is basically an oral history of each song featured on the CD/DVD. It is still uncertain whether a CD or DVD will result from this but it is certain that videos of all or most of the 15 songs will make it to the website for visual consumption. Stay tuned for more. Keep watching and listening. Thanks, Grey.
Acoustic Grey

On the evening of the 8th of November 2006 Grey(myself), Mikey Harbour, Jason Harbour, Wappy, and Dave Skinner all assembled at Dave’s studio to film and record 19 songs. We only managed 15 but that was just as well given the 4 hour time frame we had. The songs range from me playing and singing on my own to, me and Jason playing together, to me and Jason and Mikey playing together. The idea was to create a video that would show my songs in their infant stages. The idea was to make something that could then be turned into a CD and a DVD and something that could be shown online. There were many problems that one will never hear or see. We forgot to bring lighting. Not good for a video. We found lighting after about 30 minutes. We dealt with the heat of the lighting and the strain it puts on one as you play your heart out. We dealt with the “Ventura” 12 string guitar Jason played. It played okay but struggled to keep up with the Taylor that Dave had loaned me. And to top it all off I couldn’t seem to get “Empty Souls” together lyrically and guitar-wise. We finally got a version that is alright but still not the best. Oh woe is me and such is trying to do a live performance sometimes. ! In the end we were left with 15 songs that went well and represented a 20 year period of songwriting. This compilation will reach the stores and the internet hopefully before Christmas. Many thanks to all involved.