Next Tuesday, September 14th, marks the release date of“Inquire Within”, the new CD from Enid, Oklahoma rock artist Grey. The album features 12 original rock songs, including an adaptation of a poem by French poet Paul Verlaine, sung in French. Two local recording studios were involved in the recording of the album. Grey Havens Recording Studio was the primary recording site and Grey, along with Dave Skinner mixed and mastered the album at Skinner Audio.

“I started recording it in June 2009 and we finished in August 2010”, says Grey, the “nom de plume” of Greg Perkins. “Like most of my CD’s it is a collection of songs over a one to two year period. As the songs came together I found a common theme kept emerging. This often happens and the theme this time around was the idea of looking within oneself and questioning oneself as to what you believe or feel and why you believe or feel that way. I almost never set out with a theme in mind. It just seems to happen.”

Several talented local musicians are featured on “Inquire Within”. Mikey Harbour, drummer, and Steve Harwood, pianist, are familiar to Grey fans, but two new additions grace the new album. “I have Mily Aragonez singing back-up vocals and Dave Skinner worked with me not only as a producer this time but as a musician for this CD. I enjoyed this very much as it brought a different color to the musical palette.” Grey has released eight rock and pop CDs since 2000 and has been a guitarist and singer-songwriter for 30 years. Fans can listen to Grey’s past albums for free by visiting Facebook, keyword: “Grey & Grey Havens Studios."

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