I am currently working on the ninth Grey cd. The cd started in June 2009 with the drum tracks getting laid down. I followed that up with the bass parts. The piano and organ parts are about finished now - Jan 2010. There will be 13-15 songs on this cd. There will the rock and pop genre I normally have and also one song in French. I will have an instrumental song on this cd and one of my songs is a longer piece centered around "time travel". It is about 7 minutes and goes back to a time when we heard longer songs in the 70's, for example. Still left to accomplish are the guitar tracks and the snyth & string parts. This cd has some of the same musicians that my other cd's have had: me "Grey" on all the instruments except for having Steve Harwood on piano/organ and Mikey Harbour on drums and some of the synth parts. Dave Skinner will be in on the mixing and mastering end of things. For the cover art I came up with an idea that Wappy (web/art genius) will be bringing to life. More info later, Grey.