Excerpt from the June 2009 E-Town Magazine

Local guitar heroes Michael Hedges, Brad Richter, Billy Beck, Donnie Record, and George Davis all were or are from Enid. Greg Perkins a.k.a. Grey is from El Reno, OK originally and has lived in Enid since 1998. Enid guitarist-singer-songwriter Grey seemingly lives up to his name. His name – though not him or his music – is very much in the grey area of musical notoriety. None of the other guitarist around town had ever heard of a guitarist named “Grey”. Grey is the musical nom de plume of Greg Perkins. As he rarely performs live this not knowing would seem normal. Greg, or Grey, is a guitarist-singer-songwriter who the public should and have taken notice of. In early April of this year, Grey released his eighth CD, “Ice World”. He and all his accompanists record all their tracks at Perkins’ home studio in Enid, dubbed “Grey Havens Studio” This commercial studio sits at the back of his one acre plus property and is a magnificent site to behold. It’s the full meal deal in recording music. “We had the studio built by Darrell Boyd Construction of Enid. It then took my wife and I about a year to finish the interior. We did most of the work ourselves, “ Grey said. Walking into Grey Havens Studio is a wonderment to see. Inside there is a high-tech mixing board, associated high-tech recording , mixing, and mastering equipment. Perkins named “Grey Havens Studio” from the elven port of Mithlond, “the Grey Havens,” in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. “The Grey Havens was a place of rest and reflection used by the elves before they left Middle Earth, “ Perkins said. It is also a play on words because it’s Grey’s haven, “my ultimate man-cave,” as Perkins described it. Perkins offers all musicians the use of his studio at “less-than-normal” studio rates. Additionally he offers it to the general public for family oral history projects, modeled on National Public Radio’s “Story Corps” project. “I’m passionate about music in general,” Perkins says. I’d like to write the best song I have in me. I don’t know if I’d ever know when I did however. It’s not the end; it’s the journey that makes the experience.”