The "Ice World" CD is finished. It has been recorded and mixed and mastered. There are just a few details to finish before it will be released. We have left to come up with the song order and then the copying of cd's and production of the art work and packaging. The art work was really just finding the right photos and then assembling the lyrics and liner notes to accompany it. Wappy and myself have done that. Dave Skinner, who mixed and mastered the project, will be doing the duplication services in his studio facility later this month. So it has taken once again 2 years plus some(Jan 2007 - March 2009) to come up with another Grey CD. However in the future, with the new Grey Havens Studio up and running, I hope to see the songs progress a little quicker. I'll post again when the CD is released on the various sites and locally also. Grey, 13 March 2009.